Connecting to your local wireless network

Connecting to your local wireless network

The first time you boot your Prynth it will try to connect to a network via Ethernet or the first WiFi it finds that doesn’t require a password. This is useful for a first setup, but you should change this default behavior or you might end up connected to some unknown network. To setup your own wifi you need to:

1.Log into your Raspberry Pi using SSH and then type:

sudo nano /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf


  1. This will take you to a text editor, through which you should write your network name and password, using the following format and substituting “mynetwork” and “my password” for your own.
  2. Next comment the other network entry by adding numeral signs in front of each line. It should look similar to this: setup_wireless_network2
  3. Finally to save and exit by pressing Ctrl+x and typing “y” for yes. setup_wireless_network3