Enterface 17 Call

Looking forward to summertime building synths in sunny Portugal? I am pleased to announce a Prynth workshop as part of Enterface 17 (the 13th International Summer Workshop on Multimodal Interfaces), which will happen during the first two weeks of July in Porto (Portugal).

While there are several other Prynth workshops in the planning, this one won’t be dedicated solely to DIY. We will definitely build our own synths but we plan on also creating a knowledge sharing group to discuss theories on interfaces between musician and performance device.

We mainly invite electronic musicians with electronics and programming chops but it would be great if there were any cognitive psychology gurus out there interested in tackling these questions and working with the group towards different perspectives and knowledge areas. Ideally by the end of the workshop we would have results leading to academic publication.

To apply for participation head over to: http://artes.ucp.pt/enterface17/

Applications open until April 21st.