soundboard1 The SONIO soundboard is a collaborative music making device. It uses 52 of the Prynth’s 80 analog inputs. The basic idea of the soundboard is to map an individual sound to each of the 52 inputs in the form of a capacitive touch sensor. These sensors are arranged on a board in a grid where 4-6 sensors can easily be triggered by a child-sized hand. The board itself is large enough to accommodate 3-4 participants in a single interaction.

soundboard2Participants described the board as having a ‘futuristic’ feel, where the overall theme and for the sound and visuals was inspired by science fiction movies like Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. This was mostly done using FM Synthesis and programmable RGB LEDs. Custom boards for the muxi and the muxi-controller were designed to fit the constraints of the project, where the individual muxi modules plug into the main controller like RAM into a motherboard.

Developed by Tim Kong, Karen Cancino, Alanna Ho & Marc St. Pierre


Soundboard 2 Soundboard 3 Soundboard 4 Soundboard 5 Soundboard 6 Soundboard 7 Soundboard 8