New Prynth version 0.51: introducing GUIs

Prynth v0.51 is here and it adds the ability to build graphical user interfaces (GUI) to control SuperCollider programs. The GUIs are built using a dedicated visual editor, with a canvas that can be freely populated with objects like sliders, buttons or knobs. Each object sends an individual OSC message with an address based on its name. Range, position, color or size of each object can be fully defined.


For more information check our updated documentation

Other improvements:

. Proper CPU usage report from sclang and scsynth.

. Number of periods in JACK can now be set between 2 or 3. I2S cards can be reliably used with 2 periods, reducing audio latency to values as low as 8ms.

. SuperCollider has been updated to version 3.9.3 and the SuperCollider plugins are now included (although largely untested).

Download the new Raspberry Pi image here and remember to back your previous files.

Prynth’s GUI layer uses NexusUI by Ben Taylor and Draggabilly by David DeSandro. We would also like to thank Antoine Maiorca for his collaboration on the development of this feature.

As always, report any bugs in our forum and let us know about your creations with Prynth.