Prynth version 0.5 released!

Prynth v0.5 is here, with many new features, bug fixes and revised documentation.

New features:

Fully redesigned sensor acquisition system:
. Sampling rate control
. Sensor masking.
. Sensor data monitoring.
. Customizable OSC addressing
. High and low resolutions (1 byte or 4 bytes floats).
. Data filtering per sensor, directly on the Teensy and with choices of lowpass filter, 1€ filter and Schmitt trigger.
. Message acknowledgement and integrity check.

. Fully redesigned PCBs.
. Digital sensors over I2C and SPI.
. Digital IO pins.

SuperCollider editor:
. Syntax colorizing
. Execute code within parenthesis, a la SuperCollider.
. Resizable post window.

Documentation and website revision

As always, report any bugs in our forum and let us know about your creations with Prynth.