Prynth Electronics Boards

The Prynth electronics boards are distributed as Eagle files. After downloading the files use a service like OshPark, DirtyPCBs or any other manufacturer that accepts low quantity on-line ordering. Many of these accept Eagle board files directly, so we suggest you use them, avoiding the complexity of handling Gerbers files (which are still included for reference). Also check the documentation section on instructions for the board assembly.

Download Control Eagle / Gerbers

Download Muxi Eagle / Gerbers

Raspberry Pi image

We have also created a Linux distribution for the Raspberry Pi, based on the official Raspbian Lite, but that automatically runs the Prynth software out-of-the-box.

Download the image file and head to the documentation for installation details.

Prynth v0.53 RPi image (2021-01-12) (RPi 4)

Prynth v0.52 RPi image (2019-11-18) (RPi 3 and 4)

Previous Prynth v0.51 RPi image (2018-10-30) (RPi 3 only)

Teensy source code

Download the Teensy source file program. In the documentation you’ll find more instructions on installing the Teensyduino library and uploading the firmware to the Teensy.

Download Teensy v0.53 source code