Prynth v. 0.4 beta now available

Today we are happy to announce the release of the Prynth v0.4 beta software. It includes several new features but the most important one is true JIT, which is one of the main features of SuperCollider as an interactive programming language. You can now execute blocks of code in realtime, which is particularly useful when implementing and testing your Prynth instrument.

What’s new:

  • JIT compiling - select a line or a block of code and run it using the standard SuperCollider execute shortcuts (“Cmd + Enter” or “Ctrl+Enter”, depending on your browser OS)
  • Stop audio processing using “Cmd + .”
  • Sensor data can now be sent to either server or language.
  • Editor more fine-tuned for code editing (eg. parenthesis matching).
  • Revamped file management panels.
  • New system panel with settings for WIFI connection, hostname, default file to run on startup, sensor data target and audio device settings (device number, vector size, sample rate).
  • Restart SC and JACK directly via Prynth Editor.
  • Post window now scrolls properly.
  • Improved window resizing.

This is a software update only and distributed as a new Raspbian modified distro. To use it you can follow the same instructions as with the previous version. Head on to the downloads page and remember to backup your SuperCollider programs. This is a beta pre-release version, so it could contain bugs. Please report back if you find any of you have any suggestions.